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Single Shot Shotgun

Other than bird hunting, where shotguns are still king, rifles are the most used firearm in hunting. Rifles that have elements of military design are particularly popular with the civilian population. Some of the reasons why people buy The Woodlands rifles for sale from us are:


  • The long-barrel design allows for accurate shooting. The round is spun upon firing for greater accuracy.
  • Rifles have higher stopping power because of their design.
  • The barrel rifling not only increases accuracy but also increases range.
  • Rifles can shoot large-caliber anti-materiel rounds.



Understanding How a Rifle Works


  1. The barrel: The barrel of a rifle has a helical pattern of grooves called rifling. This tube is open on one end. The function of the rifling is to spin the round for greater accuracy and safety.
  2. Muzzle: The muzzle is the open end where the bullet comes out.
  3. Stock: The stock supports the action and the barrel, and it is where you hold the rifle.
  4. Action: The action or breach is where you load, reload, and shoot the rifle. The action can be opened and closed using a bolt to load cartridges.
  5. Rifles have safeties that prevent accidental firing.
  6. Rifles have rear and front iron sights that allow for alignment with the target.
  7. Today’s rifle bullets are no longer propelled by black powder but by such smokeless powders as nitrocellulose.



Various Rifles for Sale in The Woodlands TX


Revolvers: Revolving rifles were created to increase the rate of fire by employing the revolving firing mechanism used in revolving pistols. Revolving rifles got some limited use during the Civil War. These rifles work by spraying metal fragments.


Lever action rifles: These rifles use a type of action that uses a cocking handle that is manually operated. This cocking handle often incorporates the trigger guard area, and it pivots forward to move the bolt to feed and extract cartridges and cock the firing pin. These rifles have been around since the 19th century, and they are still popular with deer hunters. They hold between 5 and 15 cartridges.


Pump action rifles: With these rifles, you move a sliding handguard that is located on the forestock of the gun. Once you have taken a shot, you move the siding backward to eject the used cartridge and to cock the hammer. You push the siding forward to load a new cartridge. Pump action is mostly associated with shotguns.


Bolt action rifles: We have bolt action rifles that have a bolt handle that you use to manipulate the bolt. This bolt handle is usually located at the right-hand side of the firearm, given most users are right-handed. These rifles for sale in The Woodlands TX are popular because they can fire high-pressure cartridges repeatedly and because of their accuracy. You can use bolt action rifles as single shots or repeaters. Bolt action rifles are mostly used for hunting.


Semi-automatic rifle: Another of our rifles for sale in The Woodlands TX is semi-automatic rifles. These self-loading rifles release a single round whenever you pull the trigger. The recoil energy from the preceding shot is used to load the next round. Some semi-automatic rifles are gas-operated.


We Have Accessories for Your Rifles


When you buy the Woodlands rifles for sale, you also require some accessories. At Orcus Firearms, we also sell, among others:


  • Rifle ammo
  • Rifle cleaning equipment
  • Sights and other optics
  • Triggers
  • Scope mounts



We Are Happy to Serve You


Shopping at Orcus Firearms means you can shop around the clock, all year round, from the comfort of your couch. We will deliver your rifle and accessories to your doorstep within the shortest time possible. We have rifles and ammo from top manufacturers. The wide selection ensures you get precisely what you need at a good price. Our industry-leading return policy ensures you are not stuck with rifles and accessories you are not satisfied with.


Shopping with us is very easy as all items are properly described. If you do not have much experience with guns, our team is ready to answer any question you may have on The Woodlands rifles for sale. You can call us at (832) 267-5756 or fill out our online form for quick action. We are always happy to help.

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