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Taurus, G2C

At Orcus Firearms, we have a variety of handguns from different manufacturers for you to choose from. Our The Woodlands pistols for sale are some of our best-selling firearms.


Even if you are not a gun enthusiast, you must have come across a pistol or seen one in your favorite film. A pistol is a handgun characterized by an integral chamber and a barrel. Note that the term “pistol” is often used as a generic term for all handguns, including revolvers and the multi-barrel derringers.



Our Different Types of Pistols for Sale in The Woodlands TX 


  1. Single-shot


As the term suggests, single-shot handguns require a reload after every shot. These handguns were used in the musket and flintlock weaponry era. They were loaded with lead balls and fired using a flint striker (and later by a percussion cap). With advances in technology, the operating mechanisms changed. Single-shop pistols are the oldest type of pistol, but they are still in the market today, thanks to handgun enthusiasts. Most buyers use single-shot handguns for wild game hunting.


  1. Revolver


Revolver is short for revolving pistol. These handguns were first used in the 19th century as a replacement for single-shot guns. Revolvers have a rotating cylinder where the cartridges are fed. They have an indexing mechanism that aligns each chamber with the barrel of the weapon. The indexing mechanism is either linked to the hammer for single-action revolvers or to the weapon’s trigger for double-action revolvers. The chambers number between 5 and 8, depending on the size of the revolver and the cartridges in use.


  1. Lever-action


Lever action is not a popular type of action for pistols. The Volcanic pistol from the 18th century is one of the more popular lever action pistols. Bolt action and pump action pistols are equally rare, but we have these The Woodlands pistols for sale for interested gun enthusiasts.


  1. Semi-automatic


Semi-automatic pistols came after revolvers. The main advantage of revolvers is that they do not have multiple chambers, meaning they can deliver bullets faster. Blowback semi-automatic pistols use the recoil force to eject the spent shell so that the spring of the magazine can push another round up. As the slide returns, the round is chambered.



Why are Pistols So Popular?


  • Easy concealment: One of the greatest advantages of handguns like semi-automatic pistols and revolvers is their small size that allows for concealment. This makes these firearms ideal for self-defense.
  • Fast magazine reloading: Today’s pistols, like semi-automatic pistols, have fast reloading. This could be a matter of life or death when dealing with an intruder. Most shotguns and rifles cannot match the reloading capabilities of pistols.
  • More bullets: Pistol magazines usually have many bullets, making them ideal when under enemy fire.
  • Peace of mind: Buying pistols for sale in The Woodlands TX gives you peace of mind knowing your family and your property are protected.
  • Texas gun laws are pro-people: The gun laws in Texas are pro-people. As an example, you do not need a license to carry to buy a gun in the state. You only need to be over 21, not have a criminal record, and fulfill a few other requirements.



Important Considerations When Buying a Pistol


  • The caliber: Caliber is the unit used to measure the bullet’s size, expressed in millimeters and inches. Note that small caliber does not always mean easy to handle since the frame of a larger caliber pistol is heavier and larger and is able to handle more recoil. However, recoil for larger caliber pistols exceeds the ability of the frame to absorb it, meaning new gun owners should consider medium caliber pistols for sale in The Woodlands TX.
  • Reliability: The pistol you buy should have had 5,000 successful rounds in a quality control test, and it should not have a history of design-related issues.
  • Safety mechanisms: A good gun has safety mechanisms in place to prevent accidental firing.
  • Size: The frame size is an important consideration if you will be carrying a concealed pistol.
  • Stopping power: If you are using the pistol for self-defense, we advise you buy one that has a high stopping power (ability to stop or incapacitate an attacker).


We Offer More Than Pistols


Other than The Woodlands pistols for sale, we also sell their ammo and magazines. Further, we sell such accessories as scopes, cleaning equipment, and body armor. The Orcus Firearms team is ready to help you choose the best pistol. Just fill out the Quick Request form or email us at and we will promptly get back to you.

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