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Streamlight TLR-7 A

At Orcus Firearms, we have handguns, rifles, and shotguns from different manufacturers. We also have The Woodlands optics and sights for sale.


Sights allow you to correctly align the barrel on the target. Sights can be simple physical markers that give you a visual reference for direct alignment of your line of sight with the target, such as iron sights. Another category of sights is optical sights that provide optically enhanced (usually magnified) target images that are aligned to the aiming point.


Why Should You Invest in Optics and Sights for Sale in The Woodlands TX


  1. Improved Accuracy and Precision


Whether you are using your firearm for self-defense, competitive shooting, or hunting, you need accuracy and precision. Traditional iron sights are challenging to use, especially for older gun owners who have deteriorating eyesight and for inexperienced gun owners. With advanced optics like red dot sights, you will get a precise and clear aiming point that allows you to get a target accurately and quickly. You will not need to align the rear and front sight as is the case with iron sights.


  1. Improved Long-range Shooting


We have sights that have adjustable magnification levels. This allows you to zoom in and out for greater precision. This is important when trying to reach small targets and for long-range shooting.


  1. Quick Target Acquisition


With iron sights, you must align the rear and the front sights before taking the shot. This is time-consuming and is not ideal for moving targets like game. With optical sights, you acquire the target quicker, and you will have both eyes open while taking aim. Having both eyes open gives you situational awareness and it even allows you to take on multiple targets.


  1. Better Visibility


Taking a shot in low-light conditions can be challenging. Our optics and sights for sale in The Woodlands TX significantly improve visibility, even in complete darkness. Optical sights are an integral part of law enforcement since law enforcement personnel often need to engage criminals at night.


  1. Reduced Risk of Collateral Damage


Our night vision optics reduce the risk of causing unintended harm to innocent people. The improved accuracy ensures there are no stray bullets, and the enhanced target acquisition allows you to quickly identify and engage the intended target.


  1. Reduced Training Cost and Time


If you are a new gun owner, it takes a considerable amount of time and money to become a proficient shooter. This is no longer an issue with our advanced optics. The aiming system is more user-friendly and intuitive. Thus, alignment is not something you need to worry about with our optics.


  1. Improved Confidence


With our optics, you are more likely to hit the target. This gives you confidence and helps improve your performance. Traditional sights can be frustrating to beginners and make them question their shooting abilities.


Our Optics and Sights for Sale in The Woodlands TX 


  • Optical sights: We have several types of optical sights for enhanced images. These include telescopic sights and reflector sights.
  • Night vision sights: Night vision sights are optical sights with the added advantage of allowing you to see your target at night. These sights use the principle of light amplification.
  • Thermal optics: A thermal sight (thermographic weapon sight) features an aiming reticle and a compact thermographic camera. These sights function in complete darkness and are also useful in places with snow, as the temperature difference between snow and the target creates a contrast.
  • Spotting scopes: These are compact telescopes that allow you to view distant objects in detail. They are usually tripod-mounted. Their magnification is higher than that of binoculars.
  • Monocular and binoculars: These are refracting telescopes that magnify images using optical prisms. Note while binoculars produce two parallaxed images, which gives depth perception and stereopsis, monocular are only capable of two-dimensional images.


Other than The Woodlands optics and sights for sale, we also have other related items, including:


  • Blemish optics
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Optical accessories
  • Rangefinder
  • Scope mounts



Buy Optics and Sights for Sale in The Woodlands TX from a Reliable Source


If you are spending your hard-earned money on The Woodlands optics and sights for sale, ensure you only buy from a credible and reliable source. At Orcus Firearms, we have optics from top manufacturers at extremely attractive rates. Call us today at (832) 267-5756 or fill the Quick Request form.

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