Pearland Pistols For Sale

Taurus, G2C

If you are looking for Pearland pistols for sale, look no further than Orcus Firearms. We have pistols and other firearms from top gun manufacturers. Our handgun collection includes:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Bolt Action
  • Lever Action
  • Pump Action
  • Combos
  • Single Shot
  • Black Powder
  • Revolver

Why Would I Need a Pistol?

Different guns have different applications. What works for hunting will not work for personal security. There are several reasons why you should consider our pistols for sale in Pearland TX.

  • Pistols and revolvers are good for self-defense since you can carry them around concealed. Guns not only neutralize threats but also deter aggressors.
  • Pistols are better than revolvers because magazine reloading is faster.
  • Pistols carry more bullets compared to revolvers.
  • You should buy pistols for sale in Pearland TX because they are often thinner compared to revolvers and easier to conceal.

Pistol Buying Guide


Pistol bullets are measured in caliber. This is expressed in inches or millimeters. Handgun calibers are either large, medium, or small. Common small calibers are .32 ACP, .380, and .22 LR. Common medium calibers are 9mm, .40, and .38, while large calibers include 10mm, .45 ACP, and .44 Magnum or .357.

When buying a pistol, avoid the common misconception that a small caliber gun is easier to handle. Note that although you get more recoil when you fire a 9mm bullet compared to a .32 ACP route, it is easier to handle a 9mm handgun because its frame which is larger and heavier absorbs more force compared to the smaller and lighter .32 ACP.

Large calibers are not a good choice for new gun owners because their recoil increases more sharply than the ability of the frame to absorb it past a certain point. We recommend medium caliber pistols for sale in Pearland TX for new gun owners.


You want a pistol that is reliable, especially if you intend to use it for self-defense. You need a gun that fires when it is supposed to and does not fire when it is not. A good gun is one that has fired over 5,000 rounds successfully in quality control tests. The gun should have no known manufacturing or design-related safety issues. At Orcus Firearms, we have Pearland pistols for sale from top manufacturers who sell guns that have been tried and tested.

Safety Mechanisms

There are guns that have no safety mechanisms while others have safeties designed to prevent accidental firing. If you are a trained and disciplined shooter, safety mechanisms might not be too critical, but they are certainly important if you are a new gun owner.

Frame Size

If you intend to carry a concealed weapon, you want one whose frame size is compact or subcompact. The size and weight of the gun also have an impact on recoil, so the frame should not be too small; otherwise you may struggle with the recoil.

Ease of Use

Guns whose safety mechanisms are overly complex or which require many steps to disassemble may frustrate you if you are a new gun owner.

Stopping Power & Capacity

A gun’s ability to incapacitate or stop an attacker is described as stopping power. There is a linear relationship between stopping power and caliber and an inverse relationship between stopping power and capacity. The bigger the bullet, the more space it takes in the magazine.

Long-Term Value & Price

Just like with most things in life, buying the cheapest gun in the store means you will be compromising on such things as reliability and safety. We have everything from basic pistols for new gun owners to high-end pistols for experienced marksmen.

Availability of Accessories

There are many pistol accessories that bad salesmen may try to push your way, but only a few accessories are truly essential. Other than pistols for sale in Pearland TX, we also sell holsters, pistol cases, basic cleaning supplies, cable locks, ammunition, and other accessories from different manufacturers.

Buy Your Pistol from a Trustworthy Source

We only have the highest quality Pearland pistols for sale. Our firearms are competitively priced, and we have a return policy on our main website should you not be satisfied with your purchase. Call us at (832) 267-5756 for assistance.

Additional Question(s)?

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