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Taurus, G2C

Orcus Firearms is here to engage with you and ensure you get unforgettable customer service; that’s why we give advice where applicable. We do not focus solely on making sales. We also aim to please our customers by only giving solutions that meet your needs. You are in the right place for the best Lake Charles pistols for sale.

Unlike other firearms for sports or hunting, most people use pistols for self-defense. The handguns’ portability and size are why owners generally carry them around, so you should visualize how you might carry yours before purchasing one. The intended purpose and specific characteristics also influence the type, shape, and size of the pistol you choose, whether compact, sub-compact, full-slide, or long-slide.

What to Focus On When Searching for Pistols for Sale in Lake Charles LA

Performance Delivery – The construction of a gun does not reflect its action power. Some compact pistols may not deliver as expected when a threat arises, and others may not have the ammunition capacity to take down a threat. The ammo type designed for the gun can also be an issue since they do not perform universally – not all guns work well with all ammo. Some, like metal-jacketed ammo, are prone to jamming and may not deliver in scenarios where swift action is necessary. That could be problematic when you need to defend yourself.

Safety – Gun safety is non-negotiable whether you keep the weapon in the house or walk around with it. It becomes more critical when family members or loved ones share the same space. The safety feature can prevent accidents. At the same time, a handgun with the safety on can be a disadvantage when you are under sudden attack. You may forget to disengage the safety when a self-defense situation arises. The decision thereby relies on every user and their preference. You can choose a pistol with a safety feature or not. Either way, you are assured of getting a great piece from our pistols for sale in Lake Charles LA.

Magazines – As integral components in the performance mechanisms of handguns, magazines can determine whether or not a gun fires. A decent gun will not work if the magazine is not working. That is why you should not thrift on them. Replacing or fixing damaged magazines quickly is also crucial. That requires regular inspections and tests.

Common Problems You May Encounter with Your Handgun

Contrary to popular belief, the effectiveness of a gun relies heavily on your skills as much as it does on the characteristics and sturdiness of the weapon. Your training and practice determine how accurately you fire the handgun. We highlight some common mistakes our customers have experienced to help you avoid them.

  • Using the wrong gun for the correct purpose – Not all handguns are manufactured for self-defense, just like not every firearm is suitable for hunting. Making the distinction appropriately is the only way to get the utmost value when shopping for Lake Charles pistols for sale and applying the right firearm to the unveiling situation.
  • Jamming from poor griping – Incorrectly holding a gun is one of the common yet overlooked causes of problematic firing. Wrong placement of the thumb and finger can cause magazines to drop out, activate or deactivate, manual safety, or cause the slide to lock with every shot.
  • Incompatible ammunition – The wrong combination of gun and ammo can cause malfunctions.

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Revolvers, semi-autos, and bolt actions are some handgun options you can get from us. However, our stock is not limited to the three sub-categories only. We have extensive product and service offerings, including optics, parts, and gear, which makes us your one-stop shop for your firearm needs. If you do not like guns, our expansive knives category may meet your preferences. Our exclusive weapon collection is one of the reasons setting us apart in the industry. We strive to remain among the best dealers by maintaining our stellar standards and customer relationships. We are the perfect choice if you want Lake Charles pistols for sale that will serve you for many years. Contact us at (832) 267-5756.

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