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If you have been searching for Huntsville rifles for sale, gun parts, handguns, ammunition, optics, or magazines, you are in the right place. Orcus Firearms is a proud licensed dealer that supplies a wide range of firearms and accessories. We have been in the business a long time and have continuously showcased our ability to handle unique firearm requirements and diverse clientele.

One of our strengths is our knowledgeable personnel, who are dedicated to making every client satisfied. We also offer competitive prices and financing assistance, making our rifles for sale in Huntsville TX, more accessible.

How to Keep Your Rifle in Good Condition

  • Cleaning regularly: Cleaning your rifle after every use is one of the effective ways of eliminating dirt and residue. Ensure you use suitable cleaning solutions and tools. Following the recommendations of the gun manufacturer and lubricating all moving components of the rifle to prevent rust are other advisable maintenance methods. When done correctly, cleaning prolongs the lifespan of the firearm. You can schedule regular maintenance to ensure you do not forget and to enable early discovery of damage or wear and tear. When cleaning, be more attentive to the magazine, barrel, trigger, and other essential rifle components. How often the cleaning is done will depend on environmental factors and firearm use.
  • Prioritizing safety: Storing the rifle properly when not in use also helps to maintain its condition by keeping it away from unauthorized access. Safe handling during the cleaning process and when the gun is being used also contributes to longevity and effective performance. Handling minimal issues as soon as you notice them is also part of enhancing safety. Common problems likely to arise after acquiring rifles for sale in Huntsville TX include rusting, fouling, and malfunctioning of some components. The faster you address them, the longer and better the gun will be.
  • Involving professionals: Seek expert opinion or help if you are unsure about solving some problems you discover during the maintenance routine. Professional gun handlers are more conversant with firearm complications; hence, they can diagnose and solve problems accordingly. You can also utilize the expertise of firearm dealers when you need specialized services.

Are Shotguns and Rifles the Same?

Although often confused to be the same, shotguns and rifles are different. For instance, rifles have groove cuts forming a spiral pattern in their bores, whereas shotguns have smooth bores. The latter also fires lead slugs, unlike rifles that fire bullets. The functionality of the two firearms also differs. While shotguns can accurately get smaller moving targets, our Huntsville rifles for sale are more suitable for long distances and targets at a precise spot. Shotguns also tend to be more flexible than rifles. Nevertheless, your needs will determine what firearm serves you best.

Why Should You Maintain Your Rifle?

Maintenance keeps the rifle in a perfect working state and also guarantees your safety and the well-being of those around you. The more your rifle accumulates dirt and fouling, the higher the chances of the rifling clogging, which lowers precision and accuracy when you shoot. Excessive dirt or debris can also interfere with the action and cause malfunctions.

Always remember to do a performance check after every maintenance routine. After wiping down and reassembling all the parts, double-check all the essential components and mechanisms, including slide operation, safety, trigger, and magazine. Ensure all the elements are working correctly and disassemble the pieces to determine the exact problem if one is not performing well.

Get Superb Rifles for Sale in Huntsville TX

Orcus Firearms has built a solid reputation due to the superiority of our firearms. We have become a trusted rifle-for-sale supplier. You can find black powder rifles, combos, and single shots in our stock, and we can help you source any other gun you like. We keep up with the changing trends to enable us to bring modern Huntsville rifles for sale and accessories closer to you. You can benefit from our knowledge and experience in dealing with guns.

We are the retailer of choice if you want weapons that address your unique needs. Shop now or contact us at (832) 267-5756. You will get your money’s worth.

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