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Taurus, G2C

To get Huntsville pistols for sale that fit your needs, you must consider all relevant factors objectively and comprehensively. This is the duty of every responsible citizen, and we are here to assist buyers with that. Informed decision-making is essential because there is no perfect pistol in the market – you only choose one that fits your needs better than all the other options. Your comfort when holding or shooting the pistol is a more critical consideration than other features.

For instance, while people with small hands may find it difficult to reach the trigger, those with big hands may have difficulties getting pistols big enough to fit well in their hands. You can try out various types of handguns during practice to find one that shoots accurately.

Tips for Choosing Good Pistols for Sale in Huntsville TX

  • Size – Large pistols typically have better accuracy than smaller ones in many cases. The heavier weapons have less recoil because of their weight, and they also fit the hand better, meaning they are easier to shoot. However, the extra weight also means you cannot carry the pistol easily – some large weapons may not be concealable. Examples of such handguns in our collection you can consider are the Beretta M9 and Glock 22. Smaller pistols may be convenient to walk around with, but they tend to have less power and accuracy.


Similarly, you should avoid choosing any caliber without considering its weaknesses and strengths. For instance, smaller calibers have less recoil, which allows faster subsequent shots after the first one, but they have less energy.


  • Reliability – The reliability of a pistol is one of the priorities to weigh when looking for Huntsville pistols for sale, especially when you intend to use the gun for security reasons. The make and model of the firearm may not matter as much as the reliability. The weapon should function when required because it usually means your life may depend on it.


To ensure reliability, you can pick a gun from a renowned manufacturer with a proven track record, but remember to consider other essential features like the cartridges. Your proficiency with handling the firearm also contributes to its dependability. You can practice more at the range to improve your ability to handle the pistol before purchasing one or upgrading. You should also know how to conduct regular maintenance to promote reliability, including conducting checks to ensure the gun does not malfunction or exhibit safety failure afterward.


  • Seamless Performance – A gun that is easy to use is less likely to disappoint you when it matters most. To determine such ease of use, consider how well you can activate and deactivate the safety mechanisms, eliminate a malfunction, or reload the pistol.


We understand that discerning the operability of a pistol for newer users may be challenging, and we are willing to assist all clients without prejudice. Our experience and expertise in the firearms sector give us an upper hand when evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of pistols for sale in Huntsville TX.

Benefits of Choosing Orcus Firearms

At Orcus Firearms, we specialize in dealing with diverse clientele and products. We have an unlimited inventory of popular and less-known rifles, handguns, and shotguns that you can choose from based on your preferences. We cater to various categories of customers, such as outdoor sports enthusiasts, citizens concerned about their safety, and military personnel. Our gears and accessories section, including books and range bags, and our knife categories may interest non-gun owners. We take pride in serving a diverse group of customers. For pistols for sale in Huntsville TX, our choices include:

  • Revolvers
  • Black powder
  • Single shots
  • Semi-automatics
  • Many others

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You do not have to feel intimidated if you want suitable options as a new handgun owner. Our friendly and professional approach will guide you accordingly as we share objective advice where applicable. We enjoy sharing our wealth of knowledge to benefit our clients, and we offer competitive prices. We have ammo, optics, and firearm parts to match our vast handgun selection. Our goal is to give you a hassle-free experience, which we achieve by providing standard Huntsville pistols for sale and excellent customer service. For inquiries and an unbeatable experience, call (832) 267-5756.

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